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Beauty treatments and relaxing massages.

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Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Deluxe Treatments Eugenomics

Child & Teen Treatments

Seasonal Treatments

Exclusive treatments at special prices.

From CHF 49.-
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Our Massages

  • Relaxing massage
  • Back and neck massage
    • This massage relieves tension and has a calming and relaxing effect. Exceptional for eliminating daily stress.

      25 min. - CHF 60.-
  • Hydrotherm
    • Enjoy a full-body massage while lying face-up on two warm water-filled cushions. The cushions soften and relax the muscles and allow you to ease into a state of total relaxation.

      75 min. - CHF 148.- / 50 min. - CHF 105.-
  • Peace of mind massage
    • This face, neck, head and foot massage relieves stress and helps you regain mental energy.

      50 min. - CHF 100.-
  • Decontracting massage + mud
    • This full-body treatment uses warm mud and the manual skills of the massage operator to dissolve tension in your muscles and to revitalise them.

      50 min. - CHF 120.-
  • Body wrap + draining massage
    • This treatment combines the draining properties of a body wrap and the manual skills of the massage operator to revitalise your body tissue and help your legs feel lighter.

      50 min. - CHF 110.-
  • Massage with white clay
  • Madero therapy Body
    • Manuel Casado® Method
      A massage technique that uses wooden instruments to massage the body with varying degrees of pressure and manual dexterity.

      - Ideal for people who want to detoxify or sculpt their body.
      - Suitable for athletes who want to relax their muscles.

      60 min. - CHF 120.-
  • Tailor Made Massage
    • You choose the essence, type of massage and tools to be used, for a tailor-made treatment.

      50 min. // 75 min. - CHF 110.-//CHF 148.-
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  • Decontracting shoulder, neck and arm massage
    • Manuel Casado® Method.
      An ideal treatment for those suffering from tension and pain in the shoulder, neck and arm areas.
      Manual manoeuvres to decontract and mobilise joints with the use of:
      - Gua Sha
      - Cupping
      - Toothed roller
      - Tok Sen

      A feeling of well-being that you will not be able to do without.

      60 min. - CHF 115.-
  • Aromatic massage
    • Enjoy a welcoming ritual with an essence of your choice. The scent will help you relax both body and mind as you enjoy the face, head and full-body massage.

      75 min. - CHF 148.-
  • Splash e Spa Top massage
    • This massage stimulates all the senses with a mixture of East and West. The welcoming ritual combines aromatherapy and the chime of Tibetan bells. The treatment begins with a face and foot massage, followed by a full-body massage and a back massage with basalt stones for complete relaxation.

      75 min. - CHF 148.-
  • Hot Stone
    • Basalt stones have a great capacity to absorb and retain heat and then slowly release it during the massage, relaxing both mind and body.

      75 min. - CHF 148.-
  • Sports massage
    • Athletes and those looking for a vigorous massage will love the anti-fatigue effect of this deep, decontracting massage.

      50 min. - CHF 115.-
  • Foot massage
    • Anti-stress pampering for deep relief, new-found energy and lighter feet.

      25 min. - CHF 50.-

Deluxe Treatments Eugenomics

  • Flash Facial Treatment
    • A quick but effective treatment with scrub, detoxifying mask, tonic, eye contour cream and massage with specific cream. With anti-ageing action.

      30 min. - CHF 70.-
  • Flash body treatment
    • A fast but effective treatment to combat localised fat deposits, drain and firm.
      With application of specific exfoliating product and final massage on legs, buttocks and abdomen.

      30 min. - CHF 65.-
  • Face & Body Flash Treatment
    • For those who want a quick treatment that takes care of both face and body imperfections.

      40 min. - CHF 120.-
  • VIP facial treatment
    • A treatment with a deep anti-age action: circulation will be stimulated, regenerating, nourishing, elasticising the tissues.
      The skin will also be deeply cleansed thanks to the use of scrubs, peeling and specific high-performance products.

      60 min. - CHF 150.-
  • VIP-Körperbehandlung
    • Eine Behandlung, die ein sanftes Peeling, die Anwendung eines speziellen Produkts an Beinen, Gesäß und Bauch und eine gezielte Massage mit Creme an den betroffenen Stellen umfasst.
      Mit Hochleistungswirkstoffen mit entwässernder, straffender und lipolytischer Wirkung.
      Für eine leichtere und kompaktere Silhouette.

      60 min. - CHF 120.-
  • VIP Face & Body Treatment
    • A treatment comprising gentle exfoliation, application of specific product on legs, buttocks and stomach, specific massage with cream in the affected areas.
      With high-performance active ingredients with draining, firming and lipolytic action.
      For a lighter and more compact silhouette.

      90 min. - CHF 250.-
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Our Body Treatments


  • Traditional Hammam Peeling
    • Let yourself be enveloped in a cloud of soap and enjoy a gentle full-body scrub. Only available with entrance.

      25 min. - CHF 55.-
  • Rhassoul
    • Step into the steam bath and enjoy the purifying effect of this traditional mineral clay treatment.
      Only available with entrance.

      30 min. - CHF 15.-
  • Savonage in the steam bath
    • Black soap made from eucalyptus-scented olive oil cleanses and exfoliates the skin.
      Only available with entrance.

      30 min. - CHF 15.-
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Body Treatments

  • Heavy legs treatment
    • This refreshing treatment stimulates fluid drainage and relieves heavy leg symptoms.

      60 min - CHF 120.-
  • Anti-adiposity treatment
  • Anti-cellulite treatment
    • Stimulate fluid drainage in your legs and glutes to treat and improve orange-peel skin.

      60 min - CHF 120.-
  • Toning treatment
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Machine-Based Treatments

  • Body Radiofrequency
    • It tones and reshapes specific areas of the body, progressively improving the tissue.

      40 min. - CHF 105.-
  • Facial radiofrequency
    • Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to smoother and tighter skin.

      25 min. - CHF 75.-
  • Laser diode hair removal
    • Permanent hair removal for silky-smooth skin! Rapid pulses of laser energy sink deep into the skin and heat the hair follicles, which prevents further hair growth.
      Depending on the chosen skin area, this treatment will require further daily or monthly sessions. Price depends on the chosen area.

      From CHF 49.-
  • Pressotherapie
    • Pressotherapy is a non-invasive technique to improve lymph and blood circulation, reduce water retention and promote the drainage of toxins from the body.

      In addition to single sessions, advantageous packages of 5 or 10 sessions can be purchased.
      By repeating the treatment regularly, the benefits are enhanced.

      30 min. - CHF 59.-
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Facial treatments

  • Anti-aging facial treatment with Gua Sha
    • A treatment with a lifting effect thanks to specific products, studied manual techniques and the use of the Gua Sha.
      Inspired by oriental skincare, its results are immediately visible: more defined features, smoothed wrinkles, firmer and more moisturised skin.

      75 min. - CHF 120.-
  • Facial treatments
  • Basic facial
    • A deep cleansing treatment that includes the removal of blackheads and the application of special skincare products.

      55 min. - CHF 85.-
  • Top facial
    • A deep cleansing treatment that includes epilation of the eyebrows and upper lips.

      75 min. - CHF 120.-
  • Specific treatment
    • A treatment for those who do not need blackhead removal but want to care for their skin.

      50 min. - CHF 80.-
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Soft Gel

  • Hand Application - Semi-Permanent Nail Varnish
  • Feet Application - Semi-Permanent Nail Varnish
  • Manicure + Semi-Pemanent Nail Varnish
  • Pedicure + Semi-Permanent Nail Varnish
  • Semi-permanent Nail Varnish Removal
    • No additional costs when booking a semi-permanent nail varnish manicure.

      30 min. - CHF 30.-


  • Underarms
  • Eyebrows
    • For beautifully shaped and groomed eyebrows.

      CHF 20.-
  • Lips
  • Waxing Legs or Arms Partial
    • For a well-groomed appearance.

      CHF 40.-
  • Waxing Legs (full)
  • Bikini / Full bikini
  • Complete Waxing (legs, axles and bikini)
    • Choose the complete hair removal session for smooth skin and a well-groomed appearance.

      CHF 100.-

Eyelash Lamination

  • Lash lift
    • YUMI LASHES is an innovative technique that improves and enhances natural lashes without the use of false lashes. Eyelashes appear longer and thicker. It is a real evolution in the field of facial beauty treatments.

      75 min. - CHF 90.-
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Manicure and Pedicure

  • Classic manicure (with varnish +CHF 10.-)
  • Classic pedicure (with varnish +CHF 10.-)
  • Manicure SPA
  • Pedicure SPA
Softgel Manicure

Child & Teen Treatments

  • Massage Zone of Choice
    • For children up to the age of 15.

      25 min. - CHF 45.-
  • Body Massage
    • For young people up to the age of 15.

      40 min - CHF 85.-
  • Facial Cleaning
    • For children up to the age of 15.

      45 min - CHF 75.-
Teen Massaggio

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