Treatments with machinery - Splash & SPA Tamaro Ticino

Treatments with machinery

Body radiofrequency

40 min.

This ensures great results in tissue toning, treating wrinkles, reducing areas affected by cellulite, and the slimming process.

Facial radiofrequency

25 min.

Aesthetic radiofrequency is an excellent way to smooth out wrinkles and firm the tissues. For a facelift without surgery.

Laser diode hair removal

Definitive hair removal for silky smooth skin! The laser emits a beam of light that warms the hair and the hair bulb, damaging the latter and preventing it from producing new unwanted hair for a long, progressively definitive period. Depending on the area to be treated, the number of sessions varies and must be repeated every two weeks or months.

M2OXY beauty comes from oxygen

45 min.

The treatment of the stars for the oxygenation of the skin of the face. It renews, oxygenates and rejuvenates facial features.