Massages - Splash & SPA Tamaro - Wellness & Relax in Ticino


Take care of your mind and body with our therapists. Choose the massage you need.

Relaxing massage

50 min.

Full-body massage done with classic techniques that stimulate blood circulation to help loosen muscles.

Back and neck massage

25 min.

This massage relieves tension and has a calming and relaxing effect. Exceptional for eliminating daily stress.


50 min
75 min

The guest is welcomed and lulled by two pillows filled with hot water and for the entire duration of the treatment remains comfortably lying on his back. Free from any tension, the body will be massaged completely.

Cotton oil massage

75 min.

The cotton oil has a sweet scent suitable for relaxing the nerves. Face, neck and shoulders are the protagonists, then the whole body, for a long anti-stress pampering.

Peace of mind massage

50 min.

Massage of face, neck, head and feet to drive away stress, thoughts and find new mental energy.

Decontracting massage + mud

50 min

A complete treatment that combines the heating properties of the mud and the manual skills of the operator. It dissolves tensions and softens them giving a new energy.

Body wrap + draining massage

50 min.

A complete treatment that combines the draining properties of the wrap and the operator’s manual skills. It improves the tissue and leaves the legs lighter.

Massage with white clay

25 min.

Relaxing massage with soft clay that renews and moisturizes the skin.

Foot massage

50 min.

An anti-stress pampering to find relief, light feet and new energy.


Sports massage

50 min.

A deep and decontracting massage, suitable for athletes or for those who are looking for a vigorous massage with an anti-fatigue action.

Massage with hot stamps

50 min.

Mountain herbs and spices enclosed in stamps that will be steam-heated in order to release their active ingredients and aromas. They will be tapped on the body and followed by a gentle massage with oil. A stimulating treatment for the senses.

Aromatic massage

75 min.

A welcome ritual with an essence of your choice. The massage of face, head and whole body will be enveloped by your favourite scent, accompanying you to psycho-physical relaxation.

Intensive back massage

50 min.

Deep tissue massage which, thanks to the use of silicone cups, will be freed from tension. The neck and head will also be treated for a new freedom of movement.

Splash e Spa Top massage

75 min.

A mix between East and West to stimulate all the senses. A welcome ritual that combines aromatherapy and the sound of Tibetan bells. Face and feet are the protagonists, then the whole body and on the back the use of basalt stones will complete the feeling of relaxation.

Hot Stone

75 min.

Basalt stones have a great capacity to absorb and retain heat and then slowly release it during the massage, relaxing mind and body.