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Take care of your mind and body with our therapists. Choose the massage you need.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE: A surcharge of CHF 5.- per person, to be paid at the cash desk, will be charged in support of the extraordinary health and safety measures implemented.

Dead sea mineral mud

50 min

Hot body wrap with Dead Sea mineral clay and energizing massage on trouble areas.
Purifying, draining and anti-cellulite effect.


50 min
75 min

On warm cushions filled with water you glide into a pleasant and invigorating form of treatment.
Ideal for expectant mothers, back pain and for those who want to experience a feeling of deep relaxation.

Massage with white clay

50 min.

Massage with soft natural clay with rejuvenating effect and deep skin hydration.

Massage with brush and iodized soap

25 min.

Energizing peeling with iodized soap and deep brushing. Detoxifying effect and skin as soft as silk.

Peace of mind massage

50 min.

Alleviate everyday stress with a head, face, neck and foot massage. Relaxing and energizing.

Tibetan massage

75 min.

Let the sound of tibetan bells accompany you and move your Chakra energies to restore your natural equilibrium.


Back and neck massage

25 min.

This massage relieves tension and has a calming and relaxing effect. Great for getting rid of daily stress.

Classic massage

50 min.

Full-body massage done with classic techniques that stimulate blood circulation to help loosen muscles.

Sports massage

50 min.

A vigorous full-body massage that improves muscle recovery after intense physical activity or simply to loosen tight muscles that have been causing discomfort for some time.

Foot reflexology

50 min.

Stimulating the reflex zones of the foot targets all the organs and muscle groups of the body, increasing your general mental and physical well-being.

Massage with Ticino herbal compresses

50 min.

A soothing blend of Ticinese mountain herbs and spices wrapped in compresses that are steam-heated to release their active ingredients and their aromas. The compresses of Ticinese herbs are able to stimulate the body’s self-healing processes to create a unique experience of well-being.

Aromatic massage

75 min.

A full-body massage performed with special scents that allow you to reach inner ecstasy and guide your senses along the path of complete surrender to peace and relaxation.

Thai massage

50 min.

The traditional Thai massage aims to release blocked energy lines. The limbs are treated with the thumbs, elbows, knees, and feet to promote the circulation of energy. The muscles are stretched with techniques taken from yoga, reducing muscle tension and thus mobilising the joints.


50 min.

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese art that, like acupuncture, stimulates and rebalances the body’s energy through the use of natural pressures on the meridians and reflex areas of the body. Shiatsu helps to combat stress and muscle tension, strengthens weak areas, and regulates the functions of internal organs, including the immune system.

Intensive back massage

50 min.

Massage concentrating on the back, neck, head, and face. The muscles are prepared for the massage with hot compresses. Ideal for anyone with back problems.

Splash e Spa Top massage

75 min.

A treatment that uses techniques of Asian-European origin to restore the synergy of body and mind. An idyllic combination of massage, manipulation, and meditation that ensures muscle relaxation and stress relief. Let yourself be surprised by this special treatment created by Splash and Spa especially for you.

Lymphatic drainage

50 min.

Lymphatic drainage uses special manipulations to activate the whole lymphatic system. The interstitial waste products made up of small protein molecules are removed. Overall , your immune system will be activating in the long term, making you more resistant to the challenges that your body faces every day.


Hot Stone

75 min.

The use of hot stones originates in Asian, Pacific, and American culture. The basalt stones have a great capacity to absorb and retain heat to then release it slowly during the massage, relaxing the mind and body.


50 min.

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic technique that involves the therapist using a very light touch on the cranial bones and spine. This technique offers real benefits to sufferers of sciatica, back pain, birth trauma, whiplash, migraines, scoliosis, dizziness, jaw joint problems, and many other problems.