Body treatments - Splash & SPA Tamaro - Wellness & Relax in Ticino

Body treatments

Detoxifying mud

50 min.

A purifying treatment for the whole body, which improves the tissue and promotes remodelling.

Abdomen reducing mud

40 min.

A specific treatment for the abdominal area that favours lipolysis by remodelling the silhoutte.

Heavy legs treatment

60 min.

A fresh treatment that stimulates the drainage of liquids and gives lightness.

Anti-adiposity treatment

60 min.

A treatment against localised adiposity or fibrous cellulite.

Anti cellulite treatment

60 min.

A treatment for legs and glutes against orange peel skin, stimulates fluid drainage and improves the tissue.

Toning treatment

60 min.

A treatment to elasticize and tone the tissues.