Body aesthetics with Revive products - Splash & SPA Tamaro

Body aesthetics with Revive products

Revivre - Anti-Cellulite-Massage

50 min.

Body wrap with mud and massage: anti-cellulite and detoxifying effect.

Revivre – Body reducing

50 min.

Draining and activating treatment of the microcirculation that favours the elimination of toxins based on escin, horse chestnut, ivy and rusk.

Revivre – Body modelling

50 min.

Lipolytic treatment based on Fucus Vesicolosus, Caffeine, Fucus and Guarana.

Revivre – Body firming

50 min.

Restructuring treatment to recover the correct conformation of the connective tissue based on African kigelia.

Revivre – Intensive PHC body treatment

50 min.

Intensive treatment based on phosphatidylcholine, carnitine, and betanin to counter the orange-peel effect.