Outdoor spaces and outdoor pools

Splash and Spa gives you the opportunity to relax and have fun all year round. Enjoy every beautiful season and relax in our gardens and on our outdoor terraces.
Iodine Saltwater Pool
Temperature: 35°C

In a quiet area next to the outdoor sauna is the iodine saltwater pool. Its therapeutic properties and the high content of minerals, help the relaxation and rejuvenation of the body. The beneficial effect of bathing in salt and iodine is already noticeable after 15 minutes. Enjoy a shower after the bath and relax for a few minutes.


Two large gardens surround Splash e Spa providing guests with plenty of open-air space in which to relax during fine days. The Splash garden, accessible from the terrace, features deckchair and sunshades.
The Spa garden, which also features sunshades and deckchair, is alongside the outside sauna and iodized pool.

Outdoor Pool

Outdoor pool with whirlpools and sprays, accessible directly from the inside and the terrace. While soaking in the water, you can cast your gaze on Mount Tamaro and the surrounding natural environment. Thanks to the constantly mild temperature, the outdoor pool is available all year round.


From this large natural sun terrace, you can enjoy a breathtaking view during magnificent sunny days and evenings in good company.
Thanks to the bar, the terrace is also the ideal place to enjoy a drink in company. Deckchairs, sunshades and sofas at disposal.

Cold pool
Pool with cold water (12/14°C) that stimulates circulation, tones tissues and re-establishes the body’s thermal balance.
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